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26 January 2021 (02:53) by God Light - THE DEPTHS ARE SHAKING!

Mysterious creatures are rising from the depths, Can you take them down?

Be warned, They are not alone! They have festered minions before them to stop you in your tracks, are you strong enough to clear the world of these horrible beasts?!

If your strong enough to clear his minions, the only challenge left, all-be-it the hardest one you have faced yet, is to take down the Leader himself! Round up your allies, this is not a fight to take on alone!

26 January 2021 (02:32) by God Website - Welcome To OlympiaOT.

A warm welcome from the OlympiaOt Team. We hope you enjoy your stay.

We at OlympiaOT want to create a server for you to enjoy first and foremost, but for the long-term too. We are saddened to see many servers nowadays base themselves on short term goals, fast rewards with little to offer in the future, Whereas we are VERY different with our main aim being to upstand a long serving server, meeting all your needs.
We thrive on being different from the rest, from customised equipment & weapons, to little quirky in-game tweaks for the benefit of our everyday players. Our founders are working around the clock to ensure the gameplay is up to the quality of our very high self-set standards.

We are very driven by the suggestions and feedback of our players, and think of ourselves to be very responsive, so please do join us on discord if you have anything queries or ideas,

Enough from us, we would really like to hear from you & look forward to you joining us in our journey.