God Light

Position Senior Tutor
Sex Male
Level 140
Vocation Master Sorcerer
Guild the Leader of Olympia Staff
Last Login 23 February 2021 (12:10)
Achievement Points 1611690331
Status offline
Created 17 January 2021 (04:30)


Name Description Points
Talented Dancer You're a lord or lady of the dance - and not afraid to use your skills to impress tribal gods. One step to the left, one jump to the right, twist and shout! 1
Allowance Collector You certainly have your ways when it comes to acquiring money. Many of them are pink and paved with broken fragments of porcelain. 1
Amateur Actor You helped bringing Princess Buttercup, Doctor Dumbness and Lucky the Wonder Dog to life - and will probably dream of them tonight, since you memorised your lines perfectly. What a .. special piece of.. screenplay. 1611690329
Death List
This player has never died.
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    Testing 11 Elite Knight 17 February 2021 (10:16) offline
    God Website 8 Sorcerer 17 February 2021 (08:36) offline
    Test 7 Master Sorcerer 15 February 2021 (03:29) offline