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Item: Image: Count: Points:
Music Box (100% Chance to tame) img 1x 75
Custom House Scroll(Leave in house, post in Discord Custom House img 1x 150
Hunters Backpack(+2 Dist)(25 Slots) img 1x 100
Archers Necklace(+2 Dist) img 1x 100
Magic Backpack(+2 Magic)(25 Slots) img 1x 100
Mages Necklace(+2 Magic) img 1x 100
Warriors Backpack(+2 Axe,Club,Sword)(25 Slots) img 1x 100
Warriors Necklace(+2 Shield) img 1x 100
Description: Image: Points:
Lupine Warden img 150
Winter Warden img 150
Rift Warrior img 150
Philosopher img 150
Royal Pumpkin img 150
Description: Image: Points:
Gnarlhound mount img 100
War horse img 100